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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Protect Your Extra Belongings With a Self-Storage Unit

You may be like many other people and have extra belongings which you do not need on a regular basis, but really cannot get rid of. This is where a self-storage unit can come in handy. These units can safely store almost anything that you need kept safe. You can even find units in varying sizes to help fit your needs and your budget. When you are looking for a unit you will want to determine how often you will need to access your things, how long you will be using a unit and what kinds of things you are looking to store.

One of the more popular reasons that you may be using a self-storage unit is to store seasonal items such as gardening tools or holiday decorations. You can also use a unit to store business documents off-site. In both of these instances, you may need to have regular access to your storage unit. This means finding a place which can keep your items safe and secure, while still offering access when you need it. Some places will have set hours when you can access your unit while others provide 24-hour access.

The length of time that you choose to have your things in storage will largely depend on what you are storing. For instance, if you are looking for a temporary spot to keep your things during a move, then you will not need a long-term storage contract. Most of the time, facilities will be able to rent you a unit for whatever time-frame you will need it for; however, it is a good idea to review all of the terms before you decide. If you use your unit for seasonal items and rotate them several times a year, then you might be able to find discounts for long-term rentals.

Determining what you are going to put into a storage unit can be one of the biggest factors in choosing which facility to go to. If you need to have larger items stored, then you will want to find a facility which has larger units. If you will need to have regular access to important items, then you will probably want to find a facility which has the best access hours for your schedule. Almost anything can be placed in a storage unit. You can store business files, furniture, toys and much more. The right unit can keep almost anything safe and secure. Visit this website to find self-storage in Santa Cruz.

Preserve the Quality of Your Business Files With a Storage Unit

Finding a safe and secure way to store your business files can be difficult. This is especially true when it is easier now to have an internet based company than rent a storefront. There are two major ways that the right storage facility can help you with your files, secure units of varying sizes and easy access to the things that you need.

1. Secure Units of Varying Sizes

Whether you have a lot of files, or just a few, finding the right sized unit can be a big help. This is because you will not only want to have enough space to store what you need, you will also want to not pay for space that you are not using.

2. Easy Access

Some self-storage facilities will have limited hours during the week when you can access your unit, others will let you access your things around the clock. You can also set up your unit itself so that the things you will need to get to more often will be in front of the things that you will not need to access.

Whether you are looking for a way to store extra furniture during a business renovation, or a way to get sensitive files out of your limited space, a self-storage unit may be the answer. Visit this website for more information on business storage in Santa Cruz.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

3 Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage

When you run out of room in your home, or move to a smaller place, it is really important to make the right choice in storing your nice things. Climate controlled storage will provide a safe and secure space to keep your precious items in proper condition. Here are three advantages to using this type of facility:

1. Temperature Control

Extreme temperature changes can really cause havoc on your things. Documents and other items can warp, fade, and even disintegrate if kept in an attic, garage, or other uncontrolled area.

2. Humidity Control

Humidity is an enemy to your precious things. Without strict control of moisture in your storage area, mold and mildew can easily creep in to severely damage or even totally ruin your precious items. Climate controlled units will eliminate this danger. Basements are big culprits that hold moisture and should be avoided.

3. Pest Control

Since these types of units are well sealed for temperature and humidity and monitored constantly, you don’t have to worry about insect or rodent infestations.

To have the confidence that your things will remain secure and in good condition, place them in climate controlled storage. For more information on the advantages of renting a climate controlled unit in Salinas, visit this website.

Don’t Bother to Box Up Your Drawer Items

If you’re moving dressers or other furniture that has drawers, make the move easier by leaving items in the drawers. You can take the drawers out, move the furniture frame, and place them back in once they’re in the truck. 

How to Determine the Best Size U-Haul for Your Moving Trip

Moving to a new place can be hectic and stressful, but it can go more smoothly when you’re prepared. One important decision to make is what size U-Haul truck to rent. Here’s how to determine which size is best for your situation.

Number and Size of Belongings

The biggest factor is how many belongings you have. The cheapest and most convenient approach is to move everything in one trip, so choose a truck size that will fit all your possessions. Sizes are based on how big your former house is.

If you have a lot of furniture and large items, you’ll need sufficient room to pack them in gently and securely. Trying to cram everything into a small truck, like a Tetris game, can lead to your furniture getting damaged. Then you’ll have to spend money repairing and replacing your pieces.

Moving Distance

If you’re moving a long distance, fitting everything into one truck is the most cost effective method. The same is true for local moves, too. When you only make one trip, you not only save money on gas, but also make the job easier and shorter for everyone involved.

Once you know your needs, you’ll be able to pick out the right size truck. To find a U-Haul rental in Salinas, visit this website.

Inside Self-Storage Releases Slideshow on 2015 Top-Operator Data

Inside Self-Storage (ISS) has released a slideshow focusing on key data from its 2015 Top-Operators List, an annual compilation ranking the industry's leading players by net rentable square feet… read more

Three Tips for Buying the Right Moving Supplies

Moving takes planning and preparation to make it a smooth process. One step includes buying the right moving supplies. Here are three tips to ensure you have what you need.

Buy Plenty of Packing Supplies

Most people underestimate how many packing supplies they’ll need. In addition to boxes, it’s best to buy protective products such as peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper and stretch wrap. Properly packing your belongings will save you money in the long run. Also, buy enough packing tape to close your boxes securely and markers to label them.

Obtain Special Boxes

You usually can use any type of box for everyday items. However, unless you saved the original packaging, you’ll need special boxes and bags for electronics, large items and fragile items to ensure maximum protection. Examples include TV boxes, mattress covers and mirror boxes.

Use Proper Equipment

Although you can use your own truck, it’s better to rent a moving truck because it’s designed for transporting belongings, especially furniture and fragile things. Either way, use proper equipment to safeguard your possessions and your health. Rent a dolly and use straps and furniture sliding disks to make moving heavy items safe and easy.

When you have the right supplies in hand, moving will be a less stressful experience. Visit this website to find moving supplies in Salinas.