Space Management Blog: Why Artwork Should Be Placed in Climate Controlled Storage

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Why Artwork Should Be Placed in Climate Controlled Storage

Art collecting is definitely an investment. For those that work in the art industry, the storage of valuable pieces and materials is of paramount importance. Most pieces of artistic expression are designed to last through the ages but elements, temperature and weather all take their toll on priceless pieces of art. Collectors are obviously interested in finding storage options that will not damage any of the fine art or equipment. Unfortunately, traditional storage options are not ideal for artwork.

While art dealers and collectors may utilize any number of options, the best choice is to select a climate controlled storage facility. The idea is to store the artwork somewhere it is safe but also within a controlled environment. If the climate is not right the pieces could discolor, mold, crack, or dry out. These could mean the destruction of fine art items that cannot be replaced.

As the seasons change, so does the weather. Regardless of the area, some type of temperature adjustment will occur throughout the year. These changes in environment are often swift and can be devastating. It’s ideal to store fine art in a location where the temperature can be set in the high 60’s or low 70’s degree-wise. This constant exposure to the same temperature will negate the effects of the weather outside the storage unit, keeping the contents safe.

The other danger in regards to storing artwork is changes in humidity. Without climate control, the humid nature of the outdoors can be a disaster to art owners. Managing humidity will also be a deterrent for pests, rust and corrosion. Humidity is harder to control than temperature is. Many climate controlled storage facilities focus only on maintaining a certain temperature level and ignore the necessity of humidity control. A facility equipped to handle fine art will have both air conditioning and heating options, as well as a way to monitor these levels regularly.

A storage facility that takes these issues into consideration is a valuable asset to any art dealer, collector, curator, estate or museum. Climate controlled storage will eliminate environmental factors when it comes to storing artwork. Don’t look to curb costs by investing in a regular storage unit, as the long-term effects may be more expensive. When it comes time to seek a company that specializes in climate controlled storage in Durham, remember to make certain the facility incorporates both heating and cooling elements. Visit this website for more information.

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